Affiliate Sign Up

GOODJOB Affiliate Program offers you an opportunity to earn extra income. By joining this program, you will be able to make 10% commission from every successful transaction!

How it works?

  1. Publishers display referral links in your blog articles, social networks or even email message, to our website
  2. Customer clicks and purchase
  3. Order tracked by system
  4. Publishers receive sales commission

Payment Flow

1. For each transaction or sale originating from your referral link, we will give you a commission

2. Commission for sales is 10% of the product amount sold

3. Every Transaction requires 15 to 30 days of Sales Validation. Our Minimum Payout to generate an invoice is USD 50 / Euro 50 or Thb 1,000

4. Payments will be made through Paypal ( you need to have Paypal account to give us your payment email address when register on the sign-up page)

Affiliate Marketing Tips & tricks

Tip #1: Product Reviews:

Review a product and write about it! It can be anything! The power of content marketing and persuading through content works well as an affiliate. Make sure to generate and add referral links to your product review!

Tip #2: Facebook Promotions:

Promoting in Facebook through FB pages really work well! You can even put your referral links in your Facebook posts!

Tip #3: Mailing Lists:

If you have a mailing list or even just contacts, send them your affiliate links and convince them to purchase!